What is the “memory effect” on rechargeable batteries?

Some rechargeable batteries will lose in storage capacity with time and need to be recharged only when fully discharged. We call this the “memory effect”. This is NOT the case for our NiMH batteries. These can be placed to recharge without fully discharging them first without losing any of the batteries capabilities.

How should I proceed to recharge my batteries?

Only recharge batteries intended to be recharged such as Kodak’s NiMH batteries. Be careful to follow the charging instructions of the charger. Badly placing one of the batteries in the charger can cause an over discharge of a battery and cause a leak or rupture. In the same way as when you use the batteries, you shouldn’t attempt to charge batteries of different types at the same time in the same charger.

How should I store my batteries? Would keeping them in the fridge give them a better performance?

We recommend storing your batteries in a dry place at room temperature. It isn’t necessary to refrigerate your batteries. Be aware that cold temperatures can cause the chemical process powering the battery to slow down. Therefore the device won’t necessarily run at full performance rate (for example: your flashlight may not shine as bright as usual). Avoid also high temperatures as that will degrade the battery.