About Strand Europe Ltd

About Strand Europe Ltd

From its beginnings in 1992, Strand Europe Ltd has grown from a small, family-run UK company to a significant worldwide distribution network.  This extraordinary growth was achieved by widening and deepening its product range from VHS tapes to blank media, electrical accessories and media storage systems.  

Starting from 2006, Strand started supplying Kodak batteries under License from the Eastman Kodak Company.  This led, over the next 6 years, to the most successful distributorship of batteries worldwide, as Strand brought Kodak batteries to become a major market shareholder in the UK battery.  

Impressed by the success of Strand, Kodak has entrusted us to become the worldwide license holder to manufacture and sell KODAK batteries, LED Bulbs, Flashlights, Razors and our most recent addition KODAK Wired and Wireless Earphones and Headphones.

With this strong track record, Strand has proved to deliver big business yet remaining flexible, adapting to our fast-paced world, promising to continue developing Kodak batteries.

Our portfolio offers amazing quality and value to the consumer from a globally recognised brand they know & trust!

ISO 9001:2015 Certified.