ULTRA Premium Razor 5

The KODAK ULTRA Premium Razor 5 is our highest quality premium Razor. Featuring 5 strong, sharp and durable Swedish steel blades, soothing moisturizing strip and stylish metal handle. The Ultra Premium razor is designed to offer complete skin protection and provides a high performance close shave. This pack offers amazing value as it includes a beautifully designed metal handle and 4 replacement cartridges, keep the handle and dispose of the old blades as necessary!


  • 5 blades
  • Swedish Steel – Strong and long-lasting blade
  • Aloe Vera based Moisturizing strip for a smoother shave that’s kinder to the skin
  • x1 Solid Metal non-slip handle for safety
  • x4 Replacement blade cartridges
  • Pivoting head gives you a closer shave
  • Can be used in conjunction with KODAK Premium Razor Cartridges!