ULTRA Razor 3

The KODAK ULTRA Disposable Razor 3  is one of our top level razors and exceptional value for money! With its pivoting head, soothing moisturizing strip and sleek non-slip handle its designed with shaving precision & skincare in mind. Also featuring 3 long lasting Swedish steel blades and a solid rubber anti-slip handle for safety during shaving.

The KODAK ULTRA Disposable Razor 3 is available as a single handle and 3 cartridges or as a value pack containing a single handle and 21 cartridges. Keep the handle and  just throw away the old blades as necessary!


  • 3 blades
  • Swedish Steel – Strong and long lasting blade
  • Aloe Vera based Moisturizing strip for a smoother shave that’s kinder to the skin
  • Solid rubber non-slip handle for safety
  • x3 Replacement blade cartridges
  • x21 Replacement blade cartridges
  • Pivoting head gives you a closer shave
  • Disposable: Ideal for everyday use or trips away from home when you need to travel light!